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On January 2,  Jamar and I eloped in Maui, Hawaii in the early morning hours, where the sun was bright and the day was just beginning. It was a simple wedding that was rich in meaning. The presence of our loved ones was felt in the breeze of the ocean and the sound of the conch shell.

We look forward to building our love on the covenant of marriage and putting in the work that is involved in this commitment.

A traditional Hawaiian wedding begins with the exchange of leis.

This is done for several reasons. One is that the lei is an unbroken circle.  Like rings that are blessed and exchanged, they represent the eternal commitment of your hearts together.

Also, as each flower is brought into the circle, it loses none of its individual beauty, reminding us that in the unity of love, you have lost none of your unique individuality.   In fact, the loving care and  nurturing security of your relationship helps you grow even more fully into that special person with whom your partner fell in love.

In Honor of this very special moment, there is pause to give thanks for all the rich and wonderful experiences that have brought us to this high point in our lives.   There is gratitude for all the Kupuna and Ohana, meaning your Elders, Mentors, and Family who helped shape who we are today.

There is equal gratitude for all the Love and Aloha that we have been blessed with along life’s way, “May it continue to foster in you the vision of a great Love and provide you with the resources to create a home that shall endure in peace and harmony.”

Beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in tears, in sickness and in health, in conflict and serenity, asking that you always be true to our love. Loving what I know of you and trusting what I do not know.  In all the ways our life may bring.


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