Love Yourself

Loving Yourself…. in small and big ways everyday… Clare House is a 24-hour shelter for women and children and serves a population in Anchorage that many would not know are homeless. As I do more work with the shelter, I have come to the understanding that any one of us could become homeless through a series of events that do not go our way, a major medical situation without having the right insurance, the list of life altering events is endless. While the women in these situations have incredible challenges in front of them, all of them have built up superhero type resiliency skills–challenges that would shut me down, these women have taken on! During the month of February the board of Clare House, which I serve on, came up with the idea to host a series called “Love Yourself.” The inspiration behind this theme comes from an idea that I have personally grappled with truly understanding until I needed to really understand it. Having healed from a divorce three years ago, I can relate to some of the pain that I feel when I walk into Clare House. I have empathy toward the women needing to restart their life, as … Continue reading Love Yourself