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I recently went to the 50th Annual Alaska Principals’ Conference and attended a session by Jimmy Casas. Jimmy talked about starting a Twitter account and also encouraged principals to blog. During the conference I found myself drawn to Jimmy’s natural ability to lead and he spotted me out as someone who had voice to share.  I love to write and do feel like I have many ideas…So…this blog is dedicated to Jimmy and sharing my voice!

I am 33 and have been a principal for 5 years. Prior to becoming a principal I was a teacher at a high-poverty school and was an assistant principal at two title one schools. I now have landed to where I am currently at, a very affluent school that looks at education through a different lens—the whole-child and everything that surrounds that complex idea. One could argue that every school looks at children with wholeness; however, I strongly believe the whole child is an intentional lens that the school must be designed around.

I feel blessed to be a principal. Each day I go to work and am able to make a difference in the lives of children–hundreds of them in fact. In this work we get to inspire adults to stretch themselves and be the best they can be with the students they serve. This job is not easy, in fact it comes with many ups and downs. Being a principal is incredibly lonely and it has consumed a rather large part of my life–as I am sure all principals would say.

The photo I attached is of a little girl I worked with this summer when I was the principal of a refugee program. Being part of that program is certainly a highlight of my career to date. The stories of the children were incredible and each child saw me as a source of light–I could feel it. The way that they looked at me and thanked me. The way their parents greeted me with gratitude. I designed that program through the arts to integrate their learning in a way that allowed them to express themselves. For my first blog post I am holding on to that image of principals being a source of light. I hope all principals who read this blog reflect on that grand idea that you are making a difference. It is the daily difference, the grind, the fire-putter-outer, the upset parent, the crying child…the list goes on. These photos to me reflect the essence of why we are blessed and how incredibly important it is to engage deeply in this work.

With that said. I am on my way to a late night yoga class. One thing I have learned in my five years of principalship is that we must take care of ourselves in order to be that light.

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